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Warden Protection Services

The Leading Security Guard Company in Florida

Need to hire a Security Officer?

About Warden Protection

Need to hire a Security Officer?

Living in a very uncertain world has made us value safety now more than ever. So, if you feel the need to protect yourself, your family or your property, you should only rely on the best security company in Tampa.

Warden Protection Services has a combined experience in both National Security, local law enforcement with over 20 years of combined experience and we’ve been known for a wide range of security services in Florida including private security, cyber security, event security.

As a veteran owned and operated company, Warden Protection Services has always maintained the highest standards of service in protecting its clients. We offer services that are tailored to your exact needs to ensure that you get the protection that you need within your budget.

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Our Services

Services We Offer

Warden Protection Services offer a variety of security services to meet the needs of our clients. Please Contact Us in case you have needs that are not listed below, as we do have special case scenarios where we may still be able to help.

We have an experienced team of Warden Officers who have extensive experience in the field of security services in Florida, and we continue to update them with the latest in security to maintain the standards that we’ve set for our clients.

We also make sure that all our security guards are dressed well, so they can maintain the level of professionalism that we’re known for as a security service provider.

Whether you need security solutions for private, retail, state and industrial clients, Warden Protection Services got it covered for you.

Why Choose Us

Warden Protection Services

At Warden Protection Services, we take our job very seriously, so we always make sure that we give you the best services that you could ask for in a security company.

Warden Protection Services have been known in the business to protect lives, homes, businesses, properties, jewelry, and money. Our Warden Officers have made their mark on clients for their friendly yet very stern approach to their job.

When you hire our security company in Tampa, we guarantee that you will be working with experienced and professional security personnel. Warden Protection Services hires former law enforcement officers and veterans to ensure that you are only protected by the best in the business. It is also our commitment to help those who served the country by giving them jobs to enjoy after retirement.

These professionals are highly skilled in armed and unarmed security, physical security, workplace security, hotel security, risk assessment, access control and uniformed and plain-clothed security.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by making sure that you are well protected by skilled professionals at your side.

Hire the best in Florida private security

Warden Protection Services is the go-to firm for Florida security and we built our credibility in the quality of our services and commitment to putting our clients’ safety on top.

So, if you require Florida security services, get in touch with Warden Protection Services to discuss your needs. We’ll be more than glad to create a customized service that will fit your exact requirements, so you can get the best value for your money.

Veteran Owned Business

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Warden Protection Services is a private security firm with a diverse security range. It is Veteran owned and operated. We work to protect life & property at affordable & tailored cost.


What Our Client's Say

Dave Leary

I hired Warden to keep my business safe for access control. They are consistent, affordable, and friendly to work with. The owner is a former Clearwater Police officer, prior military, and has a bachelor degree. He is real stand up guy. Cant go wrong with Warden Protection Services.

Matthew Lake

Talk about an amazing company. I work for a business that uses Warden Protection Services and the team is great. They make sure all of us are protected and happy. Thanks Warden Protection Services for the amazing service. 💯 percent recommended!

Tracey C Nowobilski Scott


I would highly recommend this protection services company. This company offers many services, and each delivered with high integrity. If you need personal protection, for whatever reason I would highly recommend giving them a shot.

Joshua Labbe

I have over 10 years of experience in the security and personal protection business. By far warden has been a great company to work for and be apart of. We can fulfill all your needs and keep you safe day after day.

dallas royal

As a former manager for SAL.,Warden Protection Services fulfilled all of our security needs, very professional company with a great staff. Never did I see any of the security guards loose focus on clock. 10/10 would recommend if you're looking for security.

Marie Vazquez

I’ve known the owner for many years. He’s an intelligent man who has a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and worked in military intelligence. Stephen was in the Air Force and later became a police officer for the Clearwater department. I highly recommend him, he’s great!

As approved federal contractors, our team at Warden Protection Services is here to serve you.

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