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Tampa Personal Security Services

You hear it in the news: people are getting robbed, threatened, and injured every day. These threats only increase if you are a VIP, celebrity, executive, or influencer who can easily attract a dangerous crowd. So, why take chances when you can hire Tampa personal security services that will guarantee your safety at all times?

Warden Protection Services has been in the field of security services for more than two decades of combined experience. We gathered all the necessary expertise and experience that have helped us become the most reliable personal security company in Tampa.

We also select only the best professionals to join our team, whether they are veterans or former law enforcement because we take your personal security very seriously.

What we can offer

When you hire a team from Warden Protection Services as your Tampa personal security, we can customize the services according to your exact needs. We specialize in:


  • Armed and unarmed security

Whether you are a celebrity or musician going on a tour, a politician campaigning for the  elections, an entrepreneur going on a business event, or just a high-profile individual who needs to be out, we can provide top-quality Tampa personal security services that will guarantee to keep you safe wherever you are.

We plan everything ahead to make sure that everything goes well, and that you are protected at all times.

Our unarmed security officers are trained and licensed to use non-lethal tools such as tackling, pepper spray, or taser to stop any threats.

If the situation calls for it, we can also deploy armed security officers who are licensed to carry handguns, rifles, and shotguns to cater to the higher level of security that you or your party requires.

  • Risk assessment

As a personal security company, we understand the importance of risk assessment in your property, your business premises, or the venue where you’re attending an event.

It will help mitigate risks and ensure that you will not have any problems that could potentially damage your property or threaten your safety. You can book a risk assessment as part of your Tampa personal security services and we will be glad to prepare it for you.

  • Patrolling and access control

At Warden Protection Services, we know that constant patrolling can help deter criminals and ensure that there are eyes watching on your property all the time.

Our security personnel can do routine patrolling around your area and even set rules and boundaries that help tighten your security. We can also impose entrance and exit locations and keep a record of all your visitors if needed.

Warden Protection Services has been in this business long enough to know its in-betweens.

You are looking for a trustworthy and reliable partner to provide you with the best Tampa personal security services. Get in touch with our team to know your options.