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Tampa Armed Security

Threats to businesses and people are rising yearly in the United States. Today, armed guards have increasingly become an important part of the daily lives of private individuals, business people, VIPs, celebrities, establishments, and more. We at Warden Protection services provide armed security in Tampa Bay to protect lives, properties, events, money, jewelry, and other important possessions. Our security services are affordable and tailored to meet your budget without compromising the quality and efficiency of Tampa armed security services. Because of the industry’s tremendous growth over the years, most people think that security services are all the same. This can be partly true considering the number of security services to choose from.

However, our main goal is to ensure we meet or even exceed every client’s expectation, thus ensuring all security armed personnel go through a rigorous selection process and training. Besides, all of our armed security officers are required to maintain annual certification to stay ahead of the competition and as our means of demonstrating a commitment to excellent armed security in Tampa Bay. By acquiring updated industry techniques and skills, we are assured that our team members are confident to implement security measures for your safety.

Armed Security Guards

Although we employ veterans and former law enforcement officers, they still undergo extensive training. The ability to recognize potentially volatile situations through body language and behaviors is crucial to preventing the escalation of an incident before it actually happens, one of the elements they must be proficient in. Depending on the level of security that you need, our Tampa armed security personnel are trained, licensed, and certified to carry handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Having our skilled armed guards around or within the premises of schools, personal properties, homes, offices, banks, jewelry stores, or public establishments will give that sense of protection to stakeholders, customers, and the general public. Thieves, burglars, or criminals will have to think twice because our armed guards will take the necessary steps to prevent any unlawful activities.

We ensure that our employees are appropriately screened, registered, and trained (plus continuous training). The rigid screening carried out is also our way of confirming their suitability for the role. Get in touch with us through our website. Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let us know your specific needs and we will find a fitting solution to ensure you will have the optimal solution that you need. Our reputation, experience, the caliber of our armed security in Tampa Bay officers, and the ability to accommodate your specific requests and requirements are worth the time and money you are about to invest in. Whether you are looking for a security officer or a team of armed security guards, we have got it covered. We have been in security for more than 20 years; hence, the conception of our range of Tampa armed security services. From access control, patrolling, armed and unarmed security, risk assessment, executive protection, or loss prevention, Warden Protection officers will take care of it for you.