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Tampa Bodyguards

Personal protection is more than just a luxury to some people. If you’re an executive, VIP, artist, politician or scared of stalkers, having Bodyguards becomes a must because you’re at a higher risk for a lot of safety concerns. If you’re talking about keeping yourself—and your assets—safe, you need the best bodyguards in Tampa in the business.

Warden Protection Services has more than 20 years combined experience in the field of security protection. We specialize in private security, executive protection, armed and unarmed security, physical security and access control among other services.

Since we know that each client has different needs, we offer tailor-made security protection services where you get the number of bodyguard and other security detail that we think will help make you feel secured whether you’re in or outside your house.

Our team of Tampa bodyguards are majority former law enforcement and veterans with the skills and experience required to ensure the safety of our clients.

When you hire bodyguards from us, you get to have a well-trained professional who can keep unwanted people away from you and clear your location, so you can go about your business without any fear for your safety. Our bodyguards can be in uniform or plain clothes and they can also be armed or unarmed depending on your needs.

Why it pays to hire a bodyguard

Whether you’re a celebrity who easily catches the attention of the public, a banker or jeweler who handles large sums of money; VIP who’s hot in the eyes of crime offenders, you can definitely benefit from hiring bodyguards from Warden Protection Services.

Our bodyguards in Tampa are capable of:

  • Resolving any safety issues to you, your family or your property
  • Assessing different risks and finding ways to mitigate, and avoid them
  • Evaluating your property for any possible security threats
  • Assessing the strength of your current security measures and improving them
  • Protecting you at all times and whenever you need it most
  • Making sure that you’re prepared for any situation that might come your way

Why we are the best choice for reliable bodyguards

Warden Protection Services has been in this business long enough to have encountered many security threats and successfully deterring them through our expertise and experience in this field.

Being a veteran owned and operated company has enabled us to follow the highest standards in securing your clients, and we continue to work on improving our processes to keep you satisfied with our services.

Each of our bodyguards are carefully selected, trained and certified, and undergo annual certification to ensure that they are updated with the latest tools and techniques in security protection.

We can arrange for you to have one or more bodyguards in Tampa depending on your requirements.

Get in touch with our team at Warden Protection services to discuss your needs for security or physical protection. We can assure you that we have the professionals that you need to make you feel safe and secure no matter where you are.